Our Glacier National Park and the surrounding area have an abondance of activities to do. If you are looking to make additional plans to visiting Glacier National Park, give us a call and we can help point you in the right direction.


Some of our favorites are visiting the Hungry Horse Dam, driving up to Polebridge, or white water rafting. Give us a call when you are ready to plan!


Beargrass Lodging & RV Resort: 406-387-5531

Frequently Asked questions - FAQ

Where are you located?

  • We are on the North side of Highway 2 in Hungry Horse Montana. Address: 8688 HWY 2 East Hungry Horse MT 59919

How do I contact you?

Do you allow pets in your rooms?

  • We do not allow pets in the rooms or cabins, only in our RV park.

Do you provide WiFi?

  • Yes we do! As of 2021 we have new service and accesspoints across the Resort. The motel now has its own designated WiFi, and the RV park has its own. 

How fast is the internet at your resort?

  • The RV park has 50mbps and the Motels & Cabins have 50mbps. Individual speeds will vary depending on how many guests and devices are connectd at any one time.

Why isn't the internet faster?

  • Beargrass Lodging & RV Resort is in the canyon that leads to Glacier National Park. This makes internet access difficult to get and there are only a few providers, each with limited internet speeds. 

How big is your RV Park?

  • Our RV Park has 25 campsites, all unique in size. All sites can accomidate 20' campers, while only half the park can comfortably fit campers larger that 40'. 

Do you have any pull through RV sites?

  • Not during peak season (June-Sept). Due to the layout of our park it is not possible during busy months. 

Is the RV Park on the river?

  • We are not. When driving East on HWY 2, you cross over the South Fork Flathead River, however, at our Resort there are paved paths that lead to the river.

Are there trees in the RV Park?

  • Yes there are. While not a forested RV park, we do have over 30 trees in the park, many over 40' tall. 

Can I have a wood fire at my campsite?

  • We do not allow open or wood fires within the campsites. Propane stoves and Fires are permitted, and there is a communial firepit available for open wood fires.