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Our gift store is located within our main lodge, sharing the same hours as our front desk. We are proud to sell many local Montana made items, as well as an assortment of vintage items, gifts, magnets, merchandise, drinks, and snacks. Feel free to visit whether you are a guest or just passing by. We are happy to offer travel tips to help you make the most of your Montana vacation. 

 ~ Simple Made Perfect ~




Gift Store 

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We are pleased to offer rental services to help make your stay at Beargrass Lodging  as easy and comfortable as possible.


  • Bear Spray

    • $15 Per length of your Stay​

  • Coolers / Ice Chest

    • Small: $5 / day​ 

    • Large: $10 / day

  • Trekking/Hiking Poles

    • Single: $5 / Day​

    • Double: $10 / Day

  • Baby Pack N' Play

    • Free​

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